About Seaside Setup

Your South Florida beach equipment provider.

About us.

Seaside Setup is a family-owned-and-operated small business dedicated to providing exceptional beach experiences. Think of us as your local hosts for your South Florida beach trip. We want your beach experience to be exactly how you’re envisioning it. Your comfort and relaxation on your beach days is our number one priority, but we’re also here to help you with as much, or as little, other planning of your itinerary as you want.

Who we are.

Originally from the Midwest, seven years ago our family took a leap of faith and relocated to South Florida. We’ve always been beach lovers and couldn’t wait to live the beach lifestyle. As transplants to the area, we’ve enjoyed the opportunity to explore the many beautiful beaches, diverse cultures, stunning art scenes, variety of cuisines and so much more that sunny South Florida has to offer.

Before we made the big move, our family took many beach vacations. As a family of five, we had to be frugal, so privately owned rental properties were the way to go for us. There are so many advantages to traveling this way. The only thing that was missing was the convenience of being right on the beach and knowing the area. If you’re more than steps away from the beach, it can be a real hassle to plan your day, know what you’ll need and then lug it all to your little slice of sand. Imagine it with infants or toddlers in tow. We also struggled to plan our outings to the right local attractions that would enhance our beach vacation, and, since we tried to eat in instead of out at least half the time, we really wanted our dinners out to count.

Plus, even though we’d find a vacation rental close enough to the beach that we could walk, we always ended up either renting a car to haul all the beach equipment or paying the pricey cost of the daily rentals on the beach and leaving some of our family chair-less and unhappy.

There had to be a better way. Now, there is. It’s Seaside Setup.

How it works.

It’s simple really. You book your beach equipment package with any add-ons you want. Or, create a completely custom package. Whatever you think will make you the most comfortable on your beach days. Our Backpack Packages are curated to be portable as well as easy to set up and pack up. We deliver them right to you at your location on the first day of your booking and pick them up on the last day. With our Ready-to-Go Premium and Cabana Packages, you tell us where you want your beach equipment set up. And we deliver it, set it up and pack it up each day. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your day. The best part — you can choose a different beach that we serve any day of your trip. So you have the flexibility to explore South Florida’s many beautiful beaches.

Why rent a Seaside Setup?

It’s better for you. It’s better for South Florida. It’s better for the environment.

Not only does it make your beach day stress- and hassle-free, our beach equipment is all commercial-grade so it’s designed for comfort and longevity. It’s made from the best materials, and in most cases, made in the U.S. Plus, our umbrellas and cabanas are designed to be sturdy enough to withstand the winds and rains that can spontaneously arise in South Florida. Meanwhile, low-end equipment is made from low-end materials that are not only flimsy and uncomfortable, they’re not exactly recyclable. So, while it may sound appealing to buy some cheap beach equipment and leave it behind or dispose of it when you leave, you’ll be disappointed, and it’s also not good for those of us who call South Florida home. We take excellent care of our equipment. We clean and sanitize it after every use, and we use it over and over again over long periods of time.

At Seaside Setup, we’re also committed to the care and sustainability of our local beaches and ocean wildlife. A portion of our proceeds goes toward organizations that are working to save the sea turtles, clean the beaches and pull trash from our oceans, among many other good causes.